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Fin de semana de la Candelaria

El “Fin de semana en la Candelaria” en su cuarta versión nos ha sorprendido con diversos eventos que se llevan realizando desde el pasado jueves en esta histórica zona Bogotana. Música, artebaile y mucha diversión, han hecho que la Candelaria se reafirme como un sitio turístico y auténtico por excelencia.

La Candelaria, Bogota, Colombia

Foto de Szeke

Hoy fue el segundo día de este evento que nos llenó de historias para contar. Caminamos toda la zona descubriendo lo mejor de vivir en una ciudad que tiene de todo para todos. Nuestra primera parada fue el desfile de vehículos antiguos, mientras estos imponentes autos recorrían las calles de la Candelaria, todos daban por lo menos una mirada de curiosidad, las fotos no se hicieron esperar y hasta los pequeños disfrutaron con este evento que duro desde las 12m hasta después de las 3pm, cuando los vehículos protagonistas se estacionaron en la carrera 5ta con calle No 5 – 79, creando una fila que nos recordó la Bogotá de antaño.

La tarde pasaba y la candelaria se llenaba de música en todos sus rincones, ritmos autónomos, tunas, papayeras y agrupaciones de música andina nos recordaron nuestras raíces y logró que más de uno bailara. Para ir cerrando la tarde, los amantes del café tuvieron la oportunidad de
conocer todo sobre el arte de ésta tradicional bebida, aprendimos que el buen café no necesita azúcar, que no se debe hervir el agua y que ninguno sabía mucho del tema, fue una jornada llena de historias y anécdotas que se esconden detrás de uno de los elementos con los cuales nos
reconocen en el mundo. ¡Aún nos queda mucho por aprender!

Las motos de Harley Davidson encendieron sus motores para cerrar este gran día, las calles temblaron con el sonido de sus potentes motores y todos los habitantes y visitantes de la Candelaria se llenaron de adrenalina. La noche cerró con jazz para darle la bienvenida a una nueva noche en la Candelaria.

Sin duda alguna, si tu plan es venir a Bogotá, la Candelaria es una parada obligada, te aseguramos que te vas a llevar muchas anécdotas inolvidables para contar.

The “Weekend in La Candelaria” in its fourth version has surprised us with different events that have been made since last Thursday in the Bogota’s historical area. Music, arts, dancing, and lots of fun have achieved the reaffirmation of La Candelaria as a touristic and authentic place.

La Candelaria, Bogota, Colombia

Pic from Szeke

Today was the second day of this event that gave us many stories to tell. We walked through the whole area discovering the best of living in a city that has everything for everyone. Our first stop was the antique cars parade, while these stunning vehicles roamed the streets of La Candelaria, everybody gave a look at least out of curiosity, pictures were immediately taken and even the little ones enjoyed this event that took place from midday until 3pm. When the vehicles parked on Carrera 5ta and Calle 5 – 79, created a row that reminded us of the old times Bogota.

The afternoon was going by and La candelaria was getting filled with music in every one of its corners, autonomous rhythms, “Tunas”, “Papayeras”, and bands playing music from Los Andes reminded us of our roots and made everybody dance. To close the afternoon, the coffee lovers had the chance to know everything about this delicious and traditional beverage. We learnt that a good coffee never needs sugar, the water should not be brought to a boiling point and we also realize that none of us really knew much about this subject. It was a day full of histories and anecdotes that hide behind one of the elements for which we are worldwide recognised. We still have so much to learn!

The Harley Davidson motorcycles turned their engines on to close this great day, the streets shacked with the sound of this powerful machines and all the habitants and guests of La Candelaria were full of adrenaline. The event ended with Jazz to welcome another nice night in La Candelaria.

Undoubtedly, if you are planning to come over to Bogotá, La Candelaria is an obligated sight. We assure that you are going to take many unforgettable experiences with you.


In a Sunday morning that was debating between coldness and wind, our meeting point was a parking lot, our guide an umbrella and our tour was magic. Before the beginning we all introduced ourselves and talked about the great effort that each business in the “Zona C” is doing in order to be in the digital world.
Our first stop in the “Zona C” was the jewellery “El Taller del Orfebre” (workshop of the goldsmith), where we learnt a little part about this great world of jewellery. We even got to know that couples can create make their own rings. The morning was going by and to send the rain away, each one of us made a knot as it is told in an ancient story. Then we arrived to the Centro cultural Gabriel García Márquez (cultural centre), where salsa music had the main character, it was a place where the amateur and professional photographers that had come with us took advantage of the opportunity to take unique and wonderful pictures of La Candelaria.

Through each one of the streets that we walked on, our guide with the big sunflower umbrella Claudia Rodríguez, was telling us the stories that hide behind them. The museum of Regional costumes and the Plaza de Bolivar (Bolivar Square) were our next stops. We discovered one of the most modern spaces of La Candelaria, a restaurant in which the speciality is salmon; you can enjoy a cup of wine while experiencing a cosy environment. The restaurant “El Olivar”.

While we were going uphill on Cra 5ta, we got to Hotel de la Opera, where we enjoyed a pretty tour through this historic place, after that we arrived to the Rafael Pombo foundation were we could recharge our batteries (including mobile phones) and bring out that child that we all have inside by reciting in chorus the famous story “Rin Rin Renacuajo”, it seems like we all have an excellent memory.

In the Museum of Bogota we learnt part of the history of different neighbourhoods of the historical centre and to close our visit we filled ourselves with dreams for this area and we put them in coloured papers that not even the rain is going to be able to destroy. The hash tag #turisTIC kept growing with each tweet and each photo that we all published.

Undoubtedly it was a very digital day for the “Zona C”.

We experienced the best of the art of Latte in a wonderful place: “Andate Ma non Troppo”, there we all got to warm our cold hands up and we sat for a little while to keep adding energies. Not even the rain could stop us (some thought that somebody had not made a good knot). We kept going our tour to find ourselves now in the beautiful “Café de la Peña”, where we were given a delicious desert and we started wanting some other
really good tasting things. The evening had its Mexican moment in “Enchiladas”, were we tried some delicious nachos.

It was already 4pm and we arrived to a really good restaurant called “El Gato Gris”, a place with a marvellous architecture and in which we were welcome with a very “Santafereño” (from Santafé de Bogotá) lunch: Ajiaco (traditional potato soup), after this delicious dish, we got to know a little bit about the history that lies behind “El Chorro de Quevedo”.

The last stop of our tour could not have been better: Our hotel Casa Galería turned into a party hall to welcome all of our guests with a delicious Chicha (traditional indigenous beverage), a Cuajada con melao (Type of cheese with a caramel topic. Really good!). To defeat the coldness, a cup of coffee. Our guests besides getting to enjoy these culinary delights learnt the history of the Chicha. Even some of them were trying it for the very first time. The night was closed with a ride on the new conveyance of the “Zona C”: The Gugglis.

It was clearly a tour in which we all learnt and fell a little more in love with our Candelaria.

Thanks to #TurisTIC for being part of this day and we hope to see all of you back here soon.

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