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Callejón del Embudo

It is named after its own shape: wide on the top part and narrow on the down one takes you from the Chorro de Quevedo square and in its curve goes towards north.

It is not hard to imagine why it is cobbled paved and the reason for its bizarre shape, as it once was the edge of the former crook San Bruno and it takes form on an antique royal stone path, those paths that were made by our ancestors to get in an easier and faster way from one place to another. Skirting the river was easier than going through the bushes. And if we think about it now, the brook used to serve as division for the neighbourhood between north and south, the upper and the downer site, and perhaps this is the reason why the edifications in this area have such particular and diverse forms.

It was basically the rod of the two zones and today, as the brook is death (already turned into a channel and diverted) and with the technical difficulties in the edifications around, it is a space that hardly is ever going to be forgotten.

But like El Chorro, it is permanently filled with a mystic and charming energy, so narrow that even a few people seems to be a big crowd. It has through its haul different commercial spaces (handcrafts, artists, entrepreneurs) that take this magical place as their most precious treasure, it is their daily livelihood.

There are people in this place that own a past of over a hundred years, those who have always been here, and of course the new ones that are just arriving; all of them with a particular goal: to be part of this place. It is a spot that when going through, seems that La Candelaria becomes a little town, people tend to leave beliefs aside and start tempting the senses.

In this place (obligatory when going from north to south down town) the young people, the teachers, the older people, the kids, the tourists and eve politicians, must walk on its bicentenary stones in order to go to their places of study, office, home or school or just to take the best image of a very singular and unique street different from all the rest of this city.

It is a spot that besides providing us a space for “people watching”, makes us think of the antique city that made part of a big net of ancestral paths, and also invite us to think about “the real taste” of our ancestors as in here it is possible to get the Potion of the Muiscas Gods: the most pure and delicious “Chicha”. Here is where we achieve the best warmth of home lodgement in town.